Monday, February 19, 2018

The Bloomington Cutters - Humming Status, Singing Quo

I did a post back in December about this band, a project from some guys I grew up watching play in better bands than I was in. I won't rehash what I wrote, but you can read it here. Anyway, the Cutters' debut LP, Humming Status, Singing Quo, is finally here and man - it is fucking good. Fist-pumping, sloppy, punk rock sing-alongs for drunk dads and asshole idiots. I will be listening to this for a long time and you should spend the $7 to own it, like I did. And just in case you're not completely sold, I present to you the lyrics for track number thirteen: "Good, Clean, Introspective Fun."

If assholes were crop circles 
We’d hold Ph.D.’s in ufology 
If dickheads were brutal dictators 
We’d be axe in hand at Chop-Chop Square 

If being pricks was contagious 
We’d be six feet deep in Haskell Co. Kansas 
If ‘piece of shit’ was a crime 
We’d be doing time at Rikers Isle 

Don’t say “it is what it is” 
It can’t be what it isn’t 
Don’t say “it is what it is” 
Isn’t it obvious? 
I’m not letting go of it 
You can’t clean shit with piss 

If dickheads were salutatorians 
We’d be second-rate at Watergate 
If assholes were homemade bombs 
Ted Kaczynski would have fucked our moms 

If “piece of shit” was good etiquette 
The ghost of Mrs. Post would be proud 
If being pricks made you a snitch 
We’d be Judas Goats of Galapagos 

Don’t say “it is what it is” 
It can’t be what it isn’t 
Don’t say “it is what it is” 
Isn’t it obvious? 
I’ll fucking let go of it 
You can’t clean shit with piss

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Disaster - Discography

"Just don't masquerade your fame under the false illusion of the one thing that matters to me. Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."

The Disaster was a melodic hardcore/punk rock band from Rochester, New York back in the early 2000's. They sounded a lot like Kid Dynamite with just a little bit of American Nightmare thrown in to keep things from being too positive.

I honestly don't know much about the Disaster other than when they were active and that they put out three releases. Their first 7", With Years Left To Go, came out on Endwell Records in 2001 and their only LP, Black and White and Red All Over, was released by Assault Records in '02. The band also put out an EP (or perhaps it's a demo) entitled Holyghost Can Suck It, but it doesn't appear to have ever been officially released. Definitely check out the band's discography at the link above if you dig Kid Dynamite, or similar bands like Paint It Black, Shook Ones, and the Backup Plan.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Shattered - Catastrophe In Me

One of the things I love so much about hardcore and punk rock is that - no matter how seasoned you think you are - there are always more bands to discover. I had never heard of Shattered until late 2017, but this Netherlands band is definitely up my alley. They bear a striking similarity to a more well-known group from the same country - the unstoppably prolific No Turning Back. What sets Shattered apart is that their songs have more of a raw vibe, both in production and execution. Not sloppy, just a bit more seat-of-the-pants. Another great thing I can say about 2004's Catastrophe In Me, the band's one and only official release, is that not only does the singer have a bit of a Jorge Rosado rasp to his voice, but the Master Killer himself makes an appearance on track nine.

Crucial Response Records - One Track Mind compilation

In a nutshell, Crucial Response is a German hardcore label that puts out records by European and, on occasion, American bands. It was founded by Peter Hoeren under the name Anti-Schleski Records in 1987. By '89, the label had adopted the Crucial Response moniker. If you're interested in a more in-depth history, click here.

Though CRR's released numerous comps over their long history, I was never able to get my hands on One Track Mind. I can't find a digital download on the CRR Bandcamp, nor did I see the vinyl in the webstore. I've always wanted to - at the very least - get the tracks because there's a bunch of exclusives on here by No Denial, Harsh Truth, and Know Your Enemy among others.

One Track Mind is a pretty solid showcase of the label's early 2000's roster (minus the almighty True Blue as I think they'd already called it quits). Standout tracks include the aforementioned Know Your Enemy cuts, "Against All Authority" by Dead Stop, "Things Break" by the Deal, and "With A Clear Mind" by Damage Control.

Harsh Truth - Breakin' Out '03

Unfortunately, I can find little to no information on this early 2000's German band. All I know is that I've had their demo on my hard drive for years and it's some pretty decent hardcore in the vein of Underdog, Mental, and Justice. You can download their demo at the link above. I've also included the band's two exclusive tracks from Crucial Response's 2003 comp, One Track Mind.